This is Jose.  He's the OG old dog and the inspiration for opening the doors of Old Dog Home.  Jose has been with me since he was 8 weeks old.  We've gone through hell and high water together.  From being a crazy young 21 year old, to moving across the country as a divorced single mother, Jose has been there for it all.  He's gone from hating kids (typical ankle-biter!) to being my daughter's best friend, tea party guest, and nightmare chaser-awayer.

I sit here most days scrolling on FB and reading post after post of this and that old dog that's been abandoned, for this and that (usually stupid) reason.  Then I look at Jose chilling on the couch next to me, and I think about how scared he would be if he wound up in the county animal shelter.  From a soft bed and daily cuddles, to a concrete floor and 50 other screaming dogs.  I'll tell you right now, he'd probably die of fright and sadness.  I don't know of any way that he'd make it through.

And yet this happens over and over again to old dogs every day.  They get too sick, or they start peeing in the house, or they don't want to play ball anymore, and next thing you know, they're Kennel #27 at the AC.  Well, not on my watch anymore.  Not in Georgia.  I can't save them all, but I'm going to do everything in my power to rescue the ones I can.  They deserve better.  No dog deserves to give a family its whole life, only to wind up dying alone on a steel table in the back room of a shelter.  (And this is not to crap on animal shelters or animal control officers - it's not their fault that these dogs have crossed their door.)

For the dogs that come to us and can be rehabilitated and adopted out, we're going to do so.  We'll do everything we can to give them a chance at love and a family for their last years.  For those who are too old or too sick, we'll be their family.  They'll live here until its their time to go, and when they do go to heaven (yes, all dogs go to heaven, fight me on this), they'll do it surrounded by people who love them.  That's my promise to the old dogs of Georgia.

Welcome to Old Dog Home.