Frank is a 14 y/o Chihuahua who was saved from Newton County AC in April 2019. He has NO teeth at all and is missing part of his jaw as well, poor boy. He was a skinny skinny boy who had a typical little dog Napoleon complex, hah! Thankfully, Frank was able to go straight into a loving foster family, who knew by late June that they were actually his Forever Family. He has been with them ever since! Frank is now getting fattened up and spoiled with a loving mom and dad, and three doggie siblings. Happy Tails, Frank!

Wiley is a 6 y/o Boxer mix who was saved from Bartow County AC in May 2019. He is a little younger than we usually pull, but as an owner surrender, he was absolutely terrified being left alone in the crowded, noisy shelter. We saw a video going around on Facebook of this sweet boy cowering in the back of his kennel, refusing to move or respond to anyone around him. We decided that 6 was close enough and sprung into action to bust him out! We were doing some renovations on the Home at the time, and Wiley needed to go into a short term foster situation. His foster parents asked if he could stay a bit longer than the initial two weeks, and by mid June, they knew he was really in his forever home! Wiley has some separation anxiety, but has blossomed under their loving care. We are so happy for him!

Thomas is an 8 y/o pit bull mix who was one of our very first rescue pulls, back in December 2018. He had been in Barrow County AC for almost 6 months with no interest, because he has some vision problems. Being partially blind, a senior, and a pit bull, the cards were stack against him! We are so thankful that in early June 2019, he finally found his perfect home - after almost an entire full year without a family! Thanks to his wonderfully gentle temperament, Thomas now lives happily with several cats and a Flemish Giant rabbit. He is the only doggie and gets lots of attention, daily walks, and visits to local area events. We couldn’t have asked for a better family for him!

Sweet Chloe is a 10 y/o Chihuahua Mix who came from Gwinnett County AC in January 2019. She was suffering from seizures when we pulled her, which were quickly treated and gotten under control. After two months with ODH, she found her Forever Family at the Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival in March 2019 - YAY! She now has two awesome doggie siblings, and her very own boy to love on her every day. We're so excited to have found such a great home for our girl, and we know they'll have many years of wonderful times together. Chloe's new name is going to be Pancake - isn't that just the cutest??? She is fat and round like a pancake, for sure!

Asher was pulled from Cobb County Animal Control in October 2018. He was our first old dog to come Home after we moved onto our current property. Asher was approximately 10 years old, and it became immediately apparent that he was going to be a hospice case. He had advanced prostate cancer, in addition to having had a stroke at some point in his life prior which affect his ability to walk. He did not get around well, but he was the happiest dog you could imagine. Asher was deeply loved by everyone who met him, and he loved everyone back just as fiercely. He especially adored kids and puppies. He was a faithful, loving, sweet, special, best boy all the way to the very end. After 6 months of bringing joy to everyone in the Home, Asher lost his battle with cancer on 03/11/2019. We hope he is running free now, healthy and whole.

Sweet Brady is a 12 y/o Spaniel Mix who was pulled from Rockdale County Animal Control on 02/15/2019. It was quickly determined that he was battling end stage liver cancer, and so he was put on our hospice list. We were very blessed when Paula and Scott Painter reached out to see about adopting Brady Bug! He went home with them on 02/16/2019, where he will live with new doggie and kitty siblings, sniff the trees, sleep on a comfy bed, and enjoy nothing but love until he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.