Caring For A Senior Dog

Caring For A Senior Dog is a great website full of information about day-to-day living with an old dog. It covers everything you can imagine, from mobility issues to nutrition and everything in between! They also have a fantastic Facebook Group where you can get real-time advice on any questions you may have, plus see lots and lots and lots of adorable old dog pics. 😍

Low Cost Spay / Neuter

Pet overpopulation results in the destruction of over 3 million perfectly good dogs and cats every year in the United States. This translates to thousands of lives lost right in our own Atlanta area. These are some local groups that specialize in LOW COST spay / neuter to help solve this problem. Be a part of the solution! If you would like to have your pet spayed / neutered, and you are unable to afford the surgery, please Contact Us directly, and we will do everything possible to help you get it done.

A big part of the mission at Second Life is to promote the benefits of adopting, fostering and spay/neuter. They know the only way to ever become a society that values all animals and their right to life is to provide resources to help people make informed decisions. Please check out their Pet Toolkit for spay / neuter resources, rescue information, and other pet care resources!

Apart from general jabbering about old dogs, kid + dog safety is our number one favorite topic! Did you know studies show 77% of dog bites come from a family or friend’s dog? That means that these aren’t crazy, stray, vicious dogs - they are our pet dogs!

While this is a really sad statistic, it does mean that we can do something to change it.

Contrary to popular belief, bites rarely happen out of the blue (if ever!), and your kids’ actions can play a huge role in how safe they are around the dogs they love and live with. Old dogs can live happily with kids (ours do!), but your kids have to know how to respect them and treat them appropriately. Visit the Stop The 77 website for fun games, videos, and quizzes to learn more about how to keep your kids and dogs safe!

Stop The 77

The Pet Loss Support Page

The sad reality is that our dogs don’t live forever, no matter how much we might want them to. When you live with and love an old dog, that time often comes sooner than we’re ever ready for. The Pet Loss Support Page has some fantastic resources for coping with this most difficult of times.

Old Dog Rescues

While we wish that we could save ALL the old dogs in the whole country, the reality is that this is a team effort. Here are some other rescues that are also working to find happily ever afters for the old dogs in their areas. (If you belong to a rescue that is not listed here, and you would like to be featured, please Contact Us!)


Fighting for Dawn Rescue and Senior Sanctuary


Angels In Training Senior Dog Sanctuary

Frosted Faces Foundation

Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary

Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary

Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Wise Tails – A Senior Dog Sanctuary


Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue

Izzy’s Place Senior Dog Rescue

Little Old Dog Sanctuary


Senior Dog Haven & Hospice


Rugaz Rescue: Project Golden Years

Senior Paws Dog Rescue & Sanctuary

Senior Paws Sanctuary

Senior Savers Dog Rescue

The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang


Retired Retrievers

The Flawed Dog


Senior Paws Rescue


Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions


House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland


Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center


Silver Muzzle Cottage


Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary

St. Louis Senior Dog Project

Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary


Homer J’s Senior Dog Sanctuary

New Jersey

Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary

New Mexico

Daisy Farm Sanctuary

New York

Safe and Sound Sanctuary

North Carolina

Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary

Nick's Neverland Senior Sanctuary

Simba’s Seniors Dog Sanctuary


Bernie's Buddies Senior Dog Sanctuary


Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs


City of Elderly Love

Mureille's Place - A Senior Dog Sanctuary

Shades Of Grey Sanctuary


Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Pleasant Hill Pet Rescue and Senior Sanctuary

Senior Dog Lodge & Animal Rescue


Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary


Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue

Sunshine Senior Dog Sanctuary


Old Dog Haven


Hundenruhe Haven Senior Dog Sanctuary