Select Old Dog Home as your Amazon Smile designated charity, and we will get a small percentage of any order you submit. This is a quick, easy, painless way to help give back to the old dogs!

Please check out our Amazon Wish List HERE. We go through quite a bit of food and cleaning supplies with all of these old geezers on board. If you aren’t able to sponsor a dog directly, we gratefully accept items off our wish list, which go to take care of all the dogs in the Home.

ODH has partnered with Inkopious, the best place to find your new favorite swag for your next dog walk, trip to the cat cafe, or just lounging around the house. A husband and wife team based out of California creates hand drawn dog portraits, covering a vast variety of breeds. You can get your preferred breed on anything from decals, to shirts, to tote bags! When you shop using our referral link, we will get a small portion of the proceeds. You get cool gear, and we get to keep saving dogs. Win / win!

We have ODH logo tees available for sale - multiple sizes, styles, and colors available. Pick whichever suits you best, and have it shipped straight to your home from Bonfire! All proceeds will go directly to the care of the old dogs in the Home. Keep cool this summer, and rep your favorite rescue at the same time! 💪

Monthly Sponsorships

The majority of the old dogs in the Home are on some sort of monthly medication - everything from pain medications to help with those getting older aches, all the way up to cancer treatments. ALL of the old dogs in the Home require regular feeding (I know, I know!), heartworm preventative, and other expenditures.

Each old dog would love having a personal sponsor (or two!) to help cover their monthly expenses. When you sponsor an old dog, we will send you special photos and updates of “your” old dog, will make sure to shout you out on social media, and will give you our undying love and affection! Just $25 / month makes all the difference in helping keep our doors open (and the poor starving dears fed!).

These are the dogs that still need a monthly sponsor -

Sponsorship Options
Name(s) of Old Dog(s)

One Time Donations

Old Dog Home is a designated 501(c)(3) charity, which means your donations are tax exempt.

When donating, you have the option to select a specific dog to sponsor (one-time), or you may contribute to the General Fund, which goes towards all of the dogs under the auspices of the rescue (not our personal pets). If you provide your address, we will be happy to send you an end of year letter for tax purposes. Thank you so much for supporting Old Dog Home!


  • Administrative

  • Bathing / Grooming

  • Community Outreach

  • Doggie Day Out

  • Event Staffing

  • Fundraising

  • General Cleaning at the Home

  • Socializing / Play Time

  • Yard Work

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Volunteer Opportunities