Volunteer Opportunities

Junior Volunteers aged 7 and up are welcome with an adult chaperone.

To schedule a volunteer session, please fill out our Volunteer Agreement HERE, and we will be in touch with available times!



Exactly what it sounds like. Assist with entering medical records into our pet tracking system, updating pet profiles online, updating donation records, following up on email correspondence, etc. etc. You know, the boring but necessary stuff. 🤓

Bathing / grooming

Give baths, trim nails, brush out coats, etc. If you’re a trained vet tech, we’ll even let you express anal glands, woo! You can use our facilities at the Home, or EVEN BETTER - take a dog out for the day, gallivant around the town, get really messy, and wrap up with the self wash facility at our local Tractor Supply.

Community outreach

We really want to begin a regular outreach program to the retirement communities in our area (old dogs for old folks!), but we need a team of solid, dedicated volunteers to make this happen. Visits will likely be bimonthly, but that depends on how many people are interested in participating, and what their availability looks like.

Another community outreach venture on our radar is dog safety demonstrations at local area schools (#StopThe77), in case sticky kids are more of your forte.

Doggie day out

Our dogs love getting out and going on adventures! No one likes sitting at home day in and day out, never getting to see beyond their own backyard. We’ve got fast dogs and slow dogs, so there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Go for a hike, meander around PetSmart, sit and enjoy some dinner at an outdoor cafe. You’ll get tons of attention and oohs and ahhs over your adorable companion, and our dogs will get some much needed enrichment in their lives.

Event staffing

We have regular adoption events where we showcase the oldies in hopes of getting them out of the group Home and into their own forever families. Our events vary from smaller, 4-hour stints at local pet stores, all the way up to 2-day events at large festivals. We need help with everything from dog handling, to chatting up passers by, to passing out adoption apps, to gathering snacks and waters for the other human helpers. Whatever your age or physical abilities, there is a task for you! Event staff are required to commit to a minimum 2-hour shift - that’s not so bad, right??


Placing old dogs in foster homes gives us more room at the Home and enables us to save even more old dogs from our local area shelters. This is a critical need! You can be an integral part of the rescue solution.

As an old dog foster, your job is to provide love, cuddles, toys, food, and adventures. We will cover all medications / vet care for the dog in question. Fosters do need to live within driving distance of Conyers, GA, as you’ll need to continue visiting our regular vet’s office (Conyers Animal Hospital) and will need to bring the old dog to local adoption events from time to time.

We’re not going to lie - fostering an old dog might wind up being a long-term commitment. We can’t make any guarantees regarding how long it will take your foster dog to be adopted - you may even wind up being their “forever family” in the end after all. If you feel like you’re up to the challenge, please fill out our Foster Application HERE, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Coming soon…

More opportunities coming soon! This page is a work in progress!